Our doctors and nurses are happy to answer your questions about ANY problems you can think of. Don't forget our staff have a lot of experience with many different problems and are hard to shock.

Please feel free to ask us any questions, no matter how embarrassing or awkward. Common problems we deal with include questions about development at puberty – breasts and periods, advice about contraception, troubles with friends or family, and feelings of being down or lonely.


We are here to help. There are many different types of contraception, and if you are thinking of starting a sexual relationship, it is always a good idea to come early and discuss your options. We will explain the various possibilities to you and give you information to read and will try to find a method that you would be happy with. Don’t forget that at the right time of the month it is possible to get pregnant on the first go!

Morning after pill

We provide the “morning after pill” as a matter of urgency to any girl or woman who has had unprotected sex. This is a one off pill, which must be taken within 72 hours of having unprotected sex. THE EARLIER YOU TAKE THE PILL – THE MORE LIKELY IT IS TO WORK, AND IT IS LESS LIKELY TO BE EFFECTIVE GETTING TOWARDS THE THIRD DAY OR 72 HOURS. SO PLEASE, PLEASE PHONE US AS SOON AS YOU CAN AND TELL OUR STAFF THAT YOU NEED THE MORNING AFTER PILL AND WE WILL SEE YOU QUICKLY. If you have unprotected sex at a weekend, phone the same surgery telephone number (01736 363866) and the Out of Hours Doctors will provide the pill for you.

If you have had unprotected sex and cannot come to us immediately, you will be offered a newer pill which can be taken up to 5 days, but we will also offer to arrange for you to have an IUD (intrauterine device) or “coil” inserted. This can prevent the implantation in your womb of an early pregnancy, and is possible to arrange up to 5 days after unprotected sex. Our doctors will be happy to discuss this with you.